The International Science Association (ISCASS) is going to start few research projects in collaboration with organizations and peoples.

Leadership in Socio-Chaos and Complexity

The Sociochaos represents the applications of non-linearity in social structure. It is a novel and not much observed field. This project is based on the leadership techniques, social applications under the viewpoints of Chaos and complexity.

The subfields under observations are;

  • Complex Social Systems
  • Statistics and related statistical Physics
  • Socio-Complex structure and Network
  • Social Network
  • Public Opinion and opinion Dynamics
  • Leadership Network
  • Complex Adaptive leadership
  • Collaboration Network
  • Control of Chaos in Organizational developments
  • Leadership Strategy based on Chaos Theory
  • Leadership Challenge

The research will be based on the developments of the subjects in terms of publications and also many courses on this novel field. Some conferences, symposia will also be organized within one year time line.

We will be very grateful to organizations and peoples for their financial and active support!